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Well, a year and a half since I wrote a new journal entry.  So much has changed, yet much is still the same.  Where to begin?

I took a look at my stats and saw that my "deviations were viewed 50,162 times".  A great big "Thank you" to everyone who's visited and is visiting!! :wave:    I don't have much free time anymore to keep up with messages (I know I know I'm not the greatest at keeping up in the first place...!) but please know that I want to reciprocate to every visitor I get and greatly appreciate the comments you leave and the :+fav: you make.  Consider this journal a standing "Thanks for the :+fav:" comment on your page if I don't get to it in my twice-a-year splurge of message clearing :bow:

Last summer was interesting to say the least.  The biggest item involved a change of jobs to a new company and (slightly) different field.  I was a technical guru & go-to for a North American heavyweight with instant name recognition to people all over industry, I am now a "traveling salesman" with a (much) smaller specialty provider involved in projects worldwide but who needs to be 'introduced' at nearly every stop I make.  Still in the steel industry, but in a completely different side of it.  I am in learning mode and will be for some time; having to refer nearly every technical question to our metallurgists is a whole-scale paradigm shift to me since I've mostly been the answer person the last few years.  It's a definite change and taking some getting used to, but it has its own aspects and I'm looking forward to developing my new skills and knowledge base. :reading:

Last summer also involved some significant hardware upgrades.  I still have & use my older laptop, but seeing as it is 2006 vintage I picked up a new one with more juice which can run newer software.  I must say I'm not a fan of the new versions of Windows and Office... I hadn't done an OS upgrade and was still running XP and Office 2000, while my work computers were XP and Office 2003.  (My old company wasn't big on upgrading their software)  Give me back my classic menu structure and dropdown menus!  I can (literally) make Excel 2003 sing and dance, but I am having a hell of a time finding where commands are in the new version.  Some 'progress' is bupkiss. Especially default font at 11pt.  Really? :roll:

My trusty Pentax K10D had an incident, and the cost of repairing it was painful enough to merit a switchover to the most recent (at the time) body Pentax had, a K-5.  There are a few design items on the new one I'm not impressed with and the hand-feel isn't quite as comfortable, but the performance jump is huge, as it should be for a three generation newer model.  I no longer worry about visible noise on ISO400 and it has opened up my options considerably.  The last picture the D took was the group picture of my former team members together for the final time just before some retirements and my departure, so you could literally say that our smiles "broke the camera".  And that, folks, is why I work better behind the lens than in front of it! ;)

I'm having some difficulty deciding exactly what to include in my book, I feel that the themes I would do are incomplete but perhaps that's just my inner critic talking.  Part of the problem is that during the summer I discovered that I am missing virtually all negatives from pictures taken in 2008.  That is pretty significant as you can guess from my journal at the time… and covers the negatives for a shoot with EH… (that one actually is a dSLR image, I never scanned any of the film shots), trip to St Petersburg… and Riga…, trip to London… and Paris…, and a week in Orlando…). Also missing are a large chunk of my 2007 ones (Winnipeg… and Prairie in August / harvest season…)... turns out that's what was in the one box the movers lost during my move to Toronto.  I still have 4x6 prints of most of the 'good' ones in my sheets and can sort-of salvage with those but they won't be high enough quality for the full-page images some of them deserve, and there are a lot (particularly from Winnipeg) that I never did put into my 'showoff' binders and are utterly lost.  I will admit that I had a bad day when I was tearing apart my apartment and storage boxes looking for them when suddenly the little lightbulb went on over my head....  Sucks, but these things happen. :shrug:

:iconlunisi: Back to a happier note, my sister Denise has made some significant progress promoting her photography.  Her shots still make mine look like I just picked up a camera despite how far I've come over the years.  One of her images is shortlisted as a finalist for a public installation in the town of Banff, Alberta.  She is up against two other works, and online voting is open to the month of Feb, so please vote for her!   Though she doesn't really keep up her DA page Lunisi it still has a few of the shots, and she'd love it if you checked out her (work-in-progress) Facebook page…

I actually haven't been too active myself lately on DA.  Did a couple of uploads last night for the first time in months, I'd have to say that the new submission process is a bit more streamlined.  I particularly like the drag & drop option, a boon to me since I have a rather complicated filing structure... I've done a lot of negative scanning in the past months and my target is to have five of those cleaned and uploaded by the end of the month.  Did a bit of shooting over the summer and got a few half-decent shots if I do say so myself.  Finally finished off and developed a film that's been in one of my cameras since last summer and found some awesome pictures from the wedding I shot last year… that I'd forgotten I'd taken.  I've been trying new applications for my photographic skills, and some of the photos I've submitted to news sites have been 'editor pick' so I think I'm doing something right.  Also did a recent 'house shoot' for a coworker who is selling her place, she told me yesterday that interest has picked up significantly since her realtor posted the new pictures I took for them.  So its safe to say I have a lot of backlog to work on, which is a good thing. :thumbsup:

Anyway, enough of the navel gazing!  I gots work to do........

Isil Z'ha Venii,

P.S.: "More like this" can go fluff.  What's with having those thumbs twice the size of the "others in gallery" links when most of them are still works by the same artist?!
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Sheldon S. Swick

ok, here's the schpiel: I am a guy who likes to take pictures. Lots of them. Usually they don't work. Sometimes they do.

Though I've always been known for snapping endless point-n-click candids in high school & early university, it wasn't until I took a nine-day trip overseas in fall 2003 and fired off the equivalent of 20 x 24-frame rolls with a 35mm analog SLR that things changed. I was bitten by both the travel and the camera bugs.

Lately my 'fun' photography has been moving back in the direction of film shooting, while my dSLR focus is gravitating towards doing event, editorial, and journalism photography. I like shooting film. It forces you to compose, to control your impulses, to be selective about the shot, and most importantly pay attention to getting it right the first time.

I'm not a fan of "the usual". My main thoughts with camera-in-hand are "How can I capture this in a way that's different?" and "What do I see?

Generally I don't "plan" pictures ahead. My technique is organic - take what is there and work with it. Most frames are simply something captured in the moment when I happened to be standing (or sitting) there.

Self taught through experimentation. Always learning. Wanting to push my horizons.

Please, add comments and critiques! I like the feedback. Tell me what you think. If no one tells me what is or is not 'good' with what I post... how can I learn?

Thanks for visiting,
Sheldon S.
(aka "BuLL.oney")


Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Formerly: Sault Ste Marie, Kingston, and rural Saskatchewan)

Favourite genre of music: Mostly heavy & instrumental, but I'll listen to
pretty much anything except "new" country

Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian - "Where's the KaBoom?
There was supposed to be an earth-shattering KaBoom!"

Personal Quote: "We live in a world where the fear of illusion is real."
- The Tea Party, 'Temptation'

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