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First, the requisite "All the :+fav: are appreciated and thanks for stopping by!" and usual "I haven't been spending much time on here of late" etc etc.  Fact is, I spend so much time in front of a computer for work, I barely log in to anything when I get home.  Gotta have a life away from the monitor and spend some time out in the big blue room with the bright yelllow light, right? :sun:

I just took a look at my 'stats' and thought it would be worth noting a few numbers I found interesting.  I joined the site around this time in 2006, so over the course of 9 years I have: 15,421 pageviews. 460 deviations (counting scraps - does anyone ever use those anymore?), 79,167 deviation views. 

The first image that popped on me, rather unexpectedly, was Liechtenstein Squared.  I really should put a higher resolution of this up, I'm sure it would still pull some traffic 639 views and 23 fav.  I think Settler's Legacy was the one that replaced it for top hit count, and is currently 565 views and 23 :+fav:

Liechtenstein... squared by bulloney  Settler's Legacy by bulloney 

Leadenhall market, a film image from my 2010 trip to London, has passed 3000 views (3032 with 75 :+fav:.  Generally, there's a fav a little quicker than every-other-day (0.62), 24 deviations are viewed a day, and just under 5 per day visit my front page.  Silent Entreaty for some reason would not view, so I just re-uploaded the file and would have expected it to again challenge for top title except it is now so far behind at 843 views and 42 fav.  And since I'm going back through an old hard drive expect some more dated shots to pop up as I make my way to 500 deviations.... :D

The Last Great Goulais Bonfire is still one of the shots I'm most proud of and like showing off. Right off the camera, no edits required.  I'll always dangle this one as one of my best.  Hot Seat is up there too, with 773 views, 37 favs.

Leadenhall Market by bulloney  Silent Entreaty by bulloney  The Last Great Goulais Bonfire by bulloney  Hot Seat by bulloney

Russian Mourning 1235 views, 34 :+fav: and Spilled Blood 449 views 9 fav, two companion shots from my first visit to St Petersburg, have always been near the top of the hit list, and for a long time Russian Mourning was the top in hits and comments.

Russian Mourning by bulloney  Spilled Blood by bulloney

To hopefully pump numbers on a few I personally like but that haven't got much in the way of attention: Chartres, Miasma, Texture, Clear Evening, Doppelganger, and How Much for that Kitty in the Window.
Chartres by bulloney  Miasma by bulloney  Texture by bulloney  Clear Evening by bulloney  Doppelganger by bulloney  How much for that kitty....? by bulloney

And, last but not least, a shout out to David davincipoppalag as one of the DA community's friendliest and nicest members. Always a pleasure to get your thoughts, my friend!

I'm out to go for a walk and catch the end of Laidback Luke's DJ set over at the EDM music show going on a mile or so west of my place.  Really, I don't even need to walk closer since I can hear perfectly well from my balcony, but its a nice night out so why not.

Until next time, take care and happy shooting!

Sheldon S.
  • Mood: Enjoying The Show
  • Listening to: "Mount Woozy" EDM festival @ Echo Beach
  • Reading: Helliconia Spring - Brian W Aldiss
  • Watching: CNE airshow. Love CF18 hornet buzzing our building
  • Playing: with matches
  • Eating: bangers but no mash
  • Drinking: a crisp cool pale ale from Nova Scotia


Sheldon S. Swick

ok, here's the schpiel: I am a guy who likes to take pictures. Lots of them. Usually they don't work. Sometimes they do.

Though I've always been known for snapping endless point-n-click candids in high school & early university, it wasn't until I took a nine-day trip overseas in fall 2003 and fired off the equivalent of 20 x 24-frame rolls with a 35mm analog SLR that things changed. I was bitten by both the travel and the camera bugs.

Lately my 'fun' photography has been moving back in the direction of film shooting, while my dSLR focus is gravitating towards doing event, editorial, and journalism photography. I like shooting film. It forces you to compose, to control your impulses, to be selective about the shot, and most importantly pay attention to getting it right the first time.

I'm not a fan of "the usual". My main thoughts with camera-in-hand are "How can I capture this in a way that's different?" and "What do I see?

Generally I don't "plan" pictures ahead. My technique is organic - take what is there and work with it. Most frames are simply something captured in the moment when I happened to be standing (or sitting) there.

Self taught through experimentation. Always learning. Wanting to push my horizons.

Please, add comments and critiques! I like the feedback. Tell me what you think. If no one tells me what is or is not 'good' with what I post... how can I learn?

Thanks for visiting,
Sheldon S.
(aka "BuLL.oney")


Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Formerly: Sault Ste Marie, Kingston, and rural Saskatchewan)

Favourite genre of music: Mostly heavy & instrumental, but I'll listen to
pretty much anything except "new" country

Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian - "Where's the KaBoom?
There was supposed to be an earth-shattering KaBoom!"

Personal Quote: "We live in a world where the fear of illusion is real."
- The Tea Party, 'Temptation'

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